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Great site for latitude/longitude calculations

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Testing WPF

Trying out WPF technology for my little ResxTranslator project. Styles and resources are powerful features of WPF, but I struggled to find a good site that shows a few examples of how it can be used. Here’s one though: Styles, Resources, and Control Templates in WPF

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Web server health dashboard

I looked at some tools to build a simple dashboard for a web site I run ( and here is a short list of things I found:

My goal was to quickly build something that I can show on my MacMini in the office (PowerPC-based, old).


My new favorite C# code snippet

My new favorite C# code:

string.Join(",", list.ConvertAll(x => x.ToShortTimeString()))

That takes a list of objects (DateTime in this example) and creates a comma-separated string of it. Short and sweet!

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