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Another link today, http://iridiummobile.net/

They’ve built a very cool product that takes a touch panel file from AMX‘s TPDesign4 and lets you use it on iPhone, iPad, Windows 7/XP/CE with more products coming. I’m excited about the Android 3.0 Honeycomb platform paired with this. My goal is to get a highly-integrated system that can either be handheld or wall-mounted for about $500. We’re getting there…

I’ll do some more evaluation of their product, especially how it compares to tpcontrol, another company having a similar product, but Iridium’s strength is that it can run on non-iOS products like WinXP, which should give me more hardware choices. Plus their upcoming version 2.0 promises features that we don’t even have on the native AMX touch panels, like the MVP-9000, etc.


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