Spider Pneumatic Lift – Halloween 2012

Time to write about some details about our Halloween 2012 project. First off is the Spider Lift. This is a simple mechanical design, basically a hinged wedge driven by an air cylinder. The double-acting air cylinder is hooked up  to a 5-port 4-way 12v solenoid valve with speed-adjustable mufflers. This valve either directs air to the top or bottom of the cylinder, so it will go to either position with pressure force. Applying 12 volts will send the air to the opposite side. I have the resting position at the top, so when the spider is triggered it will come down/towards the visitor, while a red strobe flashes and scream sound effects are played. Most equipment from http://www.frightprops.com. Yes, those are old cabinet doors 🙂

View of mechanical construction of Spider Lift

Picture of the mechanical construction with air cylinder and solenoid valve in view.

Close-up of air cylinder and valve of spider lift

Close-up of the air cylinder and valve. The hairy part is a spider leg 🙂

Full view of spider lift

View of the spider, mounted on top of the lifter. This is in the down position.

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